Stephanides Jewellery

The oldest manufacturing and retail goldsmiths and silversmiths operating in Cyprus, established in 1906 in Nicosia, still owned and run by the founder's family, now operating three retail shops, one of them in Paphos.

The founder, George Stephanides, a skilled artist and craftsman and stern critic of his work, was commissioned by the Church, the then British Colonial administration and by many other organizations, resulting in the production of pieces of exceptional quality. Some pieces are now exhibited and treasured in museums and private collections.

In the 1960's his son Vakis and English wife Betty took over the running of the business, introducing new manufacturing methods and adapting a more European style to their silverware and jewelry, but at the same time keeping in touch with our Cypriot heritage.

It was at that time, and throughout his presidency, that Archbishop Makarios commissioned silverware to be presented as gifts whenever he traveled abroad. Prominent personalities such as J. F. Kennedy, president Tito of Yugoslavia, Nasser of Egypt, chairman Mao, and members of the Greek, Danish and British Royal families to name but a few, were recipients of Makarios's favourite piece. This was a large round hand-chased dish with an intricate border and the double-headed eagle in the center, representing originally the Byzantine Empire looking east and west, and holding the official regalia of the Orthodox Church. The double-headed eagle is now the symbol of the Greek orthodoxy. His signature was also included on the front of the dish.

Company Information
Year of Establishment 1906
Directors George Stephanides